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Inkjets that we accept

Canon ® Genuine Reference
Canon BC01 BC01
Canon BC02 BC02
Canon BC05 BC05
Canon BC06 BC06
Canon BC20 BC20
Canon BX2 BX2
Canon BX20 BX20
Canon BX3 BX3
HP ® Genuine Reference
HP Deskjet 500C HP51625A
HP Deskjet 500C HP51626A
HP Deskjet 600C HP51629A
HP Deskjet Portable 310 HP51633M
HP 51641A HP51641A
HP Deskjet 850C HP51645A
HP Deskjet 600C HP51649A
HP Deskjet 710C HPC1823D
HP Deskjet 970CXI HPC6578A
HP Deskjet 610 Black HPC6614D
HP Deskjet 840 Black HPC6615A
HP Deskjet 840 Colour HPC6625A
HP Deskjet 5550/7150/7350 Black HPC6656A
HP Deskjet 5550/7150/7350 Colour HPC6657A
HP Deskjet 5550/7150/7350 Photo HPC6658A
HP Deskjet 3420 Black HPC8727A
HP Deskjet 3420 Colour HPC8728A
HP Photosmart 8150 Black N338 HPC8765EE
HP Photosmart 8150 Tri-Colour N343 HPC8766EE
HP Photosmart 8150 Black N339 HPC8767EE
HP Photosmart 8150 Tri-Colour N344 HPC9363EE
HP Photosmart 8150 Grey N100 HPC9368AE
HP Photosmart 8150 LC/LM/B N348 HPC9369EE
Lexmark ® Genuine Reference
Lexmark Z13/Z33/Z35/Sharp 70B/60B/Dell A920 10N0016
Lexmark Z13/Z33/Z35 10N0017
Lexmark Z13/Z33/Z35/Dell A920 Colour 10N0026
Lexmark Z13/Z33/Z35 10N0027
Lexmark Colourjet 7000 Black 12A1970
Lexmark Colourjet 7000 Black H.C. 12A1975
Lexmark Colourjet 7000 Colour 12A1980
Lexmark Colourjet 7000 Colour H.C. 12A1985
Lexmark Colourjet 7000 Photo 12A1990
Lexmark Execjet 11/11c/1000Blk 13400HC
Lexmark Execjet 11/11c/1000 Col 13619HC
Lexmark Colour Z51/Z52 15M0120
Lexmark H Res Black Z12/Z22 17G0050
Lexmark H Res Colour Z12/Z22 17G0060
Lexmark 18C0032
Lexmark 18C0033
Lexmark Jetprinter Z55/Z65/x6150 Black 18L0032
Lexmark Jetprinter Z55/Z65 Black 18L0042
DELL ® Genuine Reference
Dell 720 / A920 T0529
Dell 720 / A920 T0530
Dell 922 / 942 / 962 J5566 / M6460
Dell 922 / 942 / 962 J5567 / M4646
Dell 922 / 942 / 962 J4844
Dell A940 / A960 7Y743
Dell A940 / A960 7Y745
Dell J740 T0601
Dell J740 T0602
Dell J740 T0722
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