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How to return products to us

First, carefully pack your cartridges to avoid damage during transit. We recommend each cartridge should be individually wrapped, using newspaper and also if possible repacked into the original packing and with the original clips to avoid damage to the heads and circuitry.

  • Recycling bags

    If you already have a recycling bag:

    1. Place the cartridge into the recycling bag (maximum of 6 per bag)
    2. Place your details in the bag if you want us to send you a cheque or alternatively only send the cartridge if you want us to pay the chosen charities
    3. Place the recycling Bag in the post free

    If you require additional recycling bags, call 0800 1910828 or email us on and indicate how many bags you would like and we will send them to you free of charge

  • Corporate Collections and Schools

    If you already have a recycling box:

    • Once the box is full, please call us on 0800 1910828 for a pickup
    • We will arrange to collect the full box and will then replace it with a new empty box

    If you require additional boxes:

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