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About Us is a private company established to collect and recycle inkjets and toners.

The organisation comprises 10 of the leading manufacturers in the world in the inkjet and toner field and also ties in with a global recycling program which begins in the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.

We care about our environment and we care that our natural resources will one day be consumed by us, therefore our children will be affected. In order to protect the future of our children, has been established.

Each year millions of inks, toners and mobile phone products are thrown away and end up on our landfills. By ensuring that you collect and return to us all empty toner, ink and used mobile phones, ensures that we do everything we can to conserve our environment and nature.

The process is very simple, return the cartridges to us and we will ensure that you or your company benefit from the process in some way.

Help us help the people of the world and help us save the environment. Send us your used products and we will do the rest!

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