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Recycling inks, toners and mobile phones allows us to assist in keeping the environment clean. Over 375 million inkjet cartridges are thrown away each year and of this, approximately 30 million are thrown away in the UK alone.

Currently only a small percentage (around 15%) of inkjet cartridges are recycled each year. Toners are predominately thrown away and mobile phones end up on our landfills.

By recycling these products, ensure that these items are reused as often as possible, thus ensuring that the environment is preserved, plastics are not consumed inefficiently and carbon based gas emissions are reduced.

These factors contribute to the preservation of life and assist in the prevention of global warming.

Through our programs, ensures that every item you send us contributes in some way to life itself, whether it is the preservation of our environment.

Please contribute today and help us make a difference to our children, future generations and communities around the world.

Sign up today and see how you can help.

We care about our environment and we care that our natural resources will one day be consumed by us, therefore our children will be affected. In order to protect the future of our children, has been established.

If you would like to recycle cartridges or would to return cartridges to us, you can email us on

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